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Sixty years of engraving

Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli

Bottega Incisioni di Cesare Giovanelli was founded almost sixty years ago, in 1955 by a very young Cesare Giovanelli whose strongest dream was to perpetuate the very ancient craft of metal engraving and make a vocation and a profession of it.

Cesare started to engrave in his own home kitchen. He was so skilled,devoted and motivated that within just a few years he had enough work and resources to found his Casa Bottega in Magno di Inzino - a small village uphill of Gardone Valtrompia in the province of Brescia.

That was the beginning of a new era for Cesare and his workshop. It was the start of an endless evolution, which brings us to the magnificent place of art, and work the Bottega is today.
Bottega Incisioni Giovanelli consists of forty-five people spread over various departments. Its core is a group of twenty top Italian engravers led by Master Engraver Dario Cortini whose work is recognized and appreciated the world over. They engrave unique pieces from sporting firearms manufactured by the most famous brands to watches, knives, jewelry, pens and dies of any kind and for every application.

Mr. Giovanelli believes that every metal object is worth embellishment no matter how big, expensive or rare. Being a self-made man and a savvy businessman, he also knows that not every pocket is deep enough for the best hand engraving signed by the masters.That is the reason why he has invested in the right people and in R&D to find ways of using the most advanced techniques available today to add and create beauty at very affordable prices.

Cesare Giovanelli - who loves art and beauty and is very close to his homeland - has become a bridge between history, present and future as well as between his Valley, his Italy and the world.As a matter of fact, Bottega Incisioni works with very famous establishments in the USA and in the world and has won many prestigious awards for some of his truly priceless projects.

Our works
Armi Sportive

Sport weapons

Engraving done entirely by hand on sporting guns, shotguns, knives


Goldsmith's Art

The incision in the goldsmith, as decoration and customization of a ring, bracelet or another.



Engravings on metal gift items, pens and more by providing our expertise and skills.