Engraving in history

Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli

Man has always felt the need to fix a moment in time, a memory or an event to prevent it from being washed away and become eternal. Prehistoric people used to engrave hunting scenes and moments of “ordinary” life on the rocks in their caves in an attempt at recording them and creating the idea of future and hope that comes with it.These very primitive petroglyphs or engraving on rocks were replaced with engraving and decorations on clay and only much later engraving on metal.

During the Renaissance metal engraving was mainly used to prepare printing dies and to make the works of the masters available through printing and reproduction.However it reached levels of beauty so indescribable to slowly but securely evolve into the true form of art it is today.

The art of engraving is strictly and directly connected with the art of drawing and the true wisdom of the hands and the mind. It is not just an after thought or an “extra” added to something that already exists. It has a depth and dignity in itself. It becomes a whole with the object of desire and, at times, it is the object of desire itself.

Bottega Incisioni di Cesare Giovanelli will keep on reporting History through signs....... signs on metal!

Our works
Armi Sportive

Sport weapons

Engraving done entirely by hand on sporting guns, shotguns, knives


Goldsmith's Art

The incision in the goldsmith, as decoration and customization of a ring, bracelet or another.



Engravings on metal gift items, pens and more by providing our expertise and skills.